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Derrick Morgan – Forward March LP (limited edition)


Derrick Morgan – Forward March

LIMITED EDITION (ONLY 500 Copies made)

LP, recorded 1962

Label: Bad Joker

Genre: Reggae, Ska 1962 – 1966

New, Wrapped

Item Ships from the USA (Taxes according to country of residence)

All items shipped with Ultra-Secure Packaging

Calabash Pot KenyaCalabash Pot Kenya 23

Calabash Pot – Large

  • Hand-made in Kenya
  • Material: calabash
  • Size: height 34 cm; max circumference 78 cm (height 13.3 in; max circumference 30.7)
  • Weight: 460 gr

Enki’s Melodies: Great Vibes

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4 innovative ways people are reusing plastic

Here is a short video by the World Economic Forum with some beautiful images! How can plastic be recycled and used in an innovative way? In Cameroon, plastic bottles are used to build fishing boats. In Algeria, plastic bottles are filled with cement and used to built houses for refugees, protecting them from heat and…

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jeita grotto lebanon

Rare video footage in the magnificent Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

The Jeita Grotto is a beautiful limestone cave system in Lebanon. Located 20 km away from the capital Beirut, it spans 9km across the Nahr-al-Kalb Valley and is one of the longest caves in the Middle East. The awe-inspiring site has rarely been photographed, because cameras are prohibited to protect the grotto’s hanging crystals, which…

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children africa new school uniforms

Rags? A resource to help Africa with fashion

YOUME is a San Diego based nonprofit that exists to renew and empower communities through collaborative repurposing partnerships. It provides school uniforms and new clothes to kids in developing countries in exchange for their oldest, most tattered garment – which is repurposed into YOUME products and sold. Proceeds fund further clothing exchanges and development projects.…

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